Pesticide cocktails found in puddles on Austrian farmland endanger bees

One in four puddles sampled contained a cocktail of of thiacloprid and azole fungicides in dangerous combinations for bees. The risk to bees, of these insecticidal cocktails, must be considered in all risk assessments for pesticide registration. Read more

EFSA Guidance : New methodologies to assess the risks of pesticides on bees

Bee Life European Beekeeping Coordination edited this article to give an overview of the situation regarding the risk assessment of pesticides on bees in Europe. Read more

The European Red list of Bees: much work to be done, many solutions available

On the 20 of April, the European Red list report on bees was launched at a Conference held in Brussels at the EU Economic and Social Committee. This report is the first assessment published on the conservation status of the 1 965 bee species... Read more

Slovenian beekeepers at the EU Parliament to protect the bees: a whole country full of Common sense regarding bees and their environment

On the 16th of March, the Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association and european deputies from Slovenia organised the event ‘Save the bees’ at the EU Parliament. Slovenian government representatives and a diverse range of stakeholders involved in... Read more

Open Letter to Commission: new GMOs should not escape regulation

In a joint open letter to the European Commission, eight farmers', environmental and food safety organisations demand that products derived from new methods of genetic engineering for plants and animals should not escape GM risk assessment and... Read more

Black spring for bees: National governments blocking appropriate risk assessment of pesticides on bees.

PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 20.03.2015 On the 20th of March, while spring is coming, representatives from the national ministries and from the European Commission met in Brussels at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (1).... Read more

Bee Life activity report 2014: Beekeepers protecting bees and their environment

Let’s us work together...For bees!... for life! Bee Life has the pleasure to present you its Activity report 2014 Across Europe, beekeepers, are just one small part of the farming economy. But beekeeping involves a huge number of... Read more

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