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Bee Life European Beekeeping Coordination, is an association formed by professionals of the beekeeping sector from different countries of the European Union. Its main activity is the study of the impact on bees of environmental threats such as pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In the ´90s appeared in Europe the phenomenon of the disappearance of the bees and weakening of their colonies. This phenomenon is affecting countries in which agriculture is industrialized: in addition to Europe, South and North America, Asia, and even some African countries.

Several hypotheses have been proposed as its causes: diseases, climate change, malnutrition of bees, electromagnetic waves or even the hole in the ozone layer! Beekeepers, however, have long been made responsible the agricultural pesticides for several reasons:

That is why Coordination has set its main goals in:

  1. Achieving a Risk Assessment of pesticides on bees that recognizes all existing routes of exposure in a chronic form.
  2. Re-evaluating the molecules currently on the market taking into account the amendments proposed in the Risk Assessment.

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  1. Our association, Bee Life European Beekeeping Coordination

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