Bees and Agriculture: a vital alliance to be preserved

Friday 06 December 2013

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On the 28 of November, Slow Food organized the conference « An EU Common Sustainable Food Policy: Wishful thinking or reality? » at the EU Parliament.

For the first time, the European Commission has started working towards an EU Communication on Sustainable Food. The conference was an opportunity to open this debate and share views among different stakeholders on this initiative, which might be a milestone in the move towards a more resource-efficient food system in Europe.

Beekeepers are of course key stakeholders of the food systems, as their activities ensure the safeguarding of pollination and food production. Aware of the role of bees and of the negative impacts of the decline of bees colonies, Bee Life encourages the integration of biodiversity as a main objective of a future agricultural model.

The conference was also an opportunity to highlight the Slow Food and Bee Life position paper ‘Bee and Agriculture: a vital alliance to be preserved’, which identifies actions to be taken related to the implementation of the EU regulation on Pesticides; and the need of a transition towards bee friendly farming. This new way of production must be economical for the farmer and beekeepers, and must rebuild a link between agriculture and nature, agriculture and bees.

In order to work on Sustainable Food at EU level, the EU politics should tackle the root causes of the problems, this means to tackle the whole food system model. The new systems should involve citizen initiatives and participation, rethink the place of financial systems within the environmental and socio-economical systems.

The paradox of the food systems is that food which meant to be the basis of life is today a ‘criminal system’. The model needs to be completely dismantled and rebuild, in order to take into account the limits of the planet, and put food in the center of politics.

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