Bee2bees : an Open Data project for healthy bees !

Monday 25 November 2013

Bee2bees is an open source and open data project which aims to follow up honeybee colony losses all over the world. The project has been established by Bee Life - European Beekeeping Coordination, Réseau Citoyens capteurs and the Greens at the EU Parliaments.

The tools works thanks to beekeepers that introduce their data on line. When registered at beekeepers indicate the number and location of their colonies on the Bee2bees website. They can communicate as well as on sudden problems of colonies losses. The applications aims to be very simple for the users. All private data are confidential and the accuracy of the location of apiaries is limited to the postal code.

The application can be used on the computer or Smartphone. The collected data are accessible to beekeepers, general public but also scientists. Bee2bees is a tools that can quickly lead to actions on bee health and well being !

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