Spanish and European experts expose environmental, social, economic and health risks of GMOs in Madrid

Thursday 01 December 2011

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Madrid, November 11, 2011. A strong representation of European and Spanish scientists has made this Thursday and Friday in Madrid, its main findings about the risks and impacts of GM crops and foods in the course of the International Scientific Conference on GMO "GM in science agricultural, environmental and health ". During these two days have been put on the table is insufficient evidence on its environmental, social and economic and health risks to reject its introduction in agriculture and food.

The conference, which took place in the Industrial Organization School EOI and have been organized by Friends of the Earth, CECU, COAG, Ecologists in Action, Greenpeace and Platform Bed, have met, among others, scientists such as Eric Giles Serallini, Angelika Hilbeck, Christian Vélot, Maria del Carmen Jaizme-Vega, Julien Milanesi, Binimelis Rosa, Ana Carter, Antonio Gómez Sal, Jorge Riechmann, Michael Antoniou or Julio Cesar Tello Marquina.

One of the main conclusions they have reached a unanimous speakers is that the cultivation of GM crops outdoors poses a serious threat to health and the environment, and has nothing to do with the use of this technology in laboratory, in confined environments, as its use for medical purposes.

Michael Antoniou, molecular geneticist at King's College medical, stressed during his speech that GM technology is based on outdated concepts of genetic science, which are not shot by the latest findings in genetics. In turn, the molecular biology professor at the University of Caen, Gilles Seralini, said that the mechanisms for risk assessment prior to release of a GMO are not designed to protect either the health or the environment.

For its part, the doctor of biological sciences, Maria del Carmen Jaizme, stated that soil microorganisms are also victims of GM crops, and thus the fertility of our soil and our food is at stake.

In another of the papers, Christian Vélot, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Paris, pointed out that almost all of the transgenic plants producing pesticides in their cells or are cultivated with massive doses of pesticides. With the conclusion that "we are eating GM food poison."

It also has collected Spanish farmers experience as Jerome Aguado, president of the Platform Bed and Antonio Ruiz, former Chairman of the Organic Farming Aragones. In addition to an interesting debate between MEPs on risk assessment on GMOs, as well as legislative changes proposed by the European Commission.

Spain is the only EU country that grows GM a large scale. During the last legislature, the government has systematically ignored the environmental arguments, health, economic and social changes that have led other European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary to ban the cultivation of transgenic maize grown in Spain. The organizers of this conference call the next government to consider the disastrous experience of GE crops in our country and the scientific evidence of its impacts, prohibiting the cultivation of GM as one of its first steps. On the campaign trail, there are good reasons for parties to position themselves in a key issue for the future of our agriculture and food.

The videos of the conferences can be found here

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