Italy - The suspension of tanning Killer of Bees is not until December, but only until October 31!

Tuesday 05 July 2011

Italy suspensions neonicotinoids seed coating

Deny what the authoritative assurances of the Secretary Francesca Martini, who had given for sure the suspension of seed coating until December 31, we astonished observe, from the publication of the decree of the Ministry of Health, that the suspension of use of these molecules ends at the end of October.

From the press release of the Secretary Martini was clearly understood that it was guaranteed, at least, another productive season for bees without the contamination of these powerful insecticides.

Obviously, once again, the Sellers of Chemistry product were able to impose, instead, a deadline that allows him to stubbornly focus the re-authorization just in time to prepare and sell seeds treated as early as 2012.

These petty subterfuge will not win against the evidence.

Multiple convergent scientific researches are accumulating to confirm what the Italian beekeepers have been forced to live and to denounce from many years.

The use of neurotoxic insecticides involves the irreversible decline of the "wings of life," the indispensable and essential pollinators of the perpetuation of life on Earth.

Has developed a battle that has involved and involves a large crowd of determined defenders of pollinators. Italian beekeepers, with the support of a front increasingly documented and justifiably worried, will develop a new and powerful initiative for the protection of bees and the construction of a environmentally sustainable society.